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5/22/22 Sermon Transcript / Remember Again

The following is a transcript of Pastor Randy’s sermon from 5/22/22.

Randy (02:26):

Well, good morning. You've just been introduced to our last topic this morning of the series called Seriously. Quick review, we have talked about heaven, we've discussed hell, we've talked about Satan and the evil spirits, and we've talked about the good spirits which we call angels. Today is really about the collision of good and evil and what that may look like according to the scripture in the end times. We are in the end times. And I know that because my definition of the end times is between Jesus first coming and his second coming. Because we are there. We are there. There has been over a long, long time as you know, a real fascination with the subject of what's the end going to look like, and that word Armageddon has spurred movies and such.

Randy (03:24):

There've been disaster movies for a long, long time, since movies have been around. Orson Welles with his sci-fi shock that rippled across the world, and then followed by some of those old movies. Remember the earthquake movie with the Sensurround sound that felt like the whole theater was shaking. There's one on a tsunami called Wave, and there's one called Greenland, which is one of those. There even is one movie that is entitled Armageddon. Billy Bob Thornton saves the world. It was rated a lot higher than I thought it should be. But you can check that out if you would like. So we know that fascination. I was just scanning a few the other day. And then I started looking at the latest rage, which is of course the zombie apocalypse. And I stopped counting at 36 different movies dealing with the zombie apocalypse. So made my point there.

Randy (04:27):

The deal with it, though, is we tend to have a small perspective when it comes to a big fascination with a subject. Whether you're a Christ follower or not, it seems like we fall into this trend of being infatuated with the event and when and how the event will occur. But is it really changing our everyday life as Christ followers? Are we living like today could be that day? Are we shaping our future? And thinking of our worldview like today could be that day. That is more my concern as a pastor. That's one reason also I am so grateful to be in a missional church, because I believe one component of a missional church says we're going to deal with that day by doing this and reaching as many people as we possibly can now. And so that's what I want to keep calling us to because my point today from the scripture and we'll be in Revelation chapter 16 is simply this. We need to be aware.

Randy (05:40):

We need to be as aware as we can of Christ followers, not as prophets and trying to guess how that will be or predict with any type of thing. We just need to be prepared and then be aware of what's going on around us and what opportunities are around us. Jesus cautioned his people to be like that. Know the times, he said. Know the times in which you are living. The king in the Old Testament called people in to be his advisors and planners and things of that nature, because he said they understood the times that they lived in. Now, I'm not sure any of us can fully say we understand the times we're living in, but we can be aware. And let me say this as a caution.

Randy (06:26):

I don't think binging ourselves on media news outlets and different social media platforms and all like that, you can be informed in some manner that way, but that's not our answer and that's not even a clear being aware of the times. You and I, as Christ followers with the Holy Spirit, we've got to be smarter than that, because we know that's basically a marketing of ideologies to me and you. So there is a slant to all of that. And you also by now, surely you know, that bad news sells, good news does not sell. So if we can stay on high anxiety and high alert, borderline angry at somebody, that's exactly what the purpose is. According to too many on that, we are close to Armageddon unless you buy this product, unless you vote for this candidate. If you don't, we're all headed toward catastrophe. If you do, he'll save the world.

Randy (07:36):

We got to be smarter than that, y'all, because that does nothing to help our Christian witness. So we need to be aware. Verse 15, I'll read that in a second, is what we all deal like that with. So let me also acknowledge this. I prepared real hard for this week. I did consult Wikipedia and I have all my ducks in a row, as the video said there. But I also know this. I'm not a scholar on this subject, don't pretend to be. Some of you may be as knowledgeable on this subject as I am or more so than I am. And I'm actually happy about that. I'm proud that you're digging, I'm proud that you're studying on this. I have my theology on this and I'm going to try to stick as closely to the scripture as I can on this subject.

Randy (08:30):

But we always see, whether it's in social media or whatnot, we always see a rise of experts when we do talk about this subject, don't we? And I have received, not lately, I have received some dilly of emails. I got one time that was seven single spaced pages-type pages on an email. When I checked when it was sent, it was sent 2:36 AM. And I'm like, wow. And it was some far out stuff too. I'll give you three ways you can tell an expert on the end times. You ready? You can usually tell an expert because he or she is very intelligent. They really know they have a deep well of knowledge. Number two, you can usually tell them, because they're very well dressed. They want to be ready. They're even well dressed, sometimes they sleep with their clothes on because the Rapture may come and they certainly don't want to be caught off guard there.

Randy (09:35):

And the third way you can usually tell that they are experts in all of this is they sit in the balcony, as you know. They're waving right now. Stands to reason. They'll get there a millisecond before me and you do when it all breaks out, when it busts out. So Revelations 16, written by John around 90 AD. Revelations are very symbolic. It draws a little bit, or is in code tandem a little bit with books like Ezekiel and Jeremiah and Daniel. And that's what makes it, to me, even more supernatural. There's a gap of 1,000 in some cases, of when one writer's writing and the second one comes along and they agree. That to me is supernatural. So it's just hard to know what is intended to be literal and what's intended to be supernatural. And that's not necessarily our goal today. Our goal today is to use this to be aware, more aware of God's work and our lives and more aware of opportunities around us. And so in order to do that, let's make sure we're with God right now, shall we? Let's pray.

Randy (10:59):

God, this is your time. This is your moment. Would you speak very clearly? And please come, Holy Spirit. Amen.

Randy (11:19):

So if you're taking notes, it's a good time to do that, because we'll be shooting some scripture at you also. We are in Revelations 16, 12 through 16. Let me read through this really quick, or at least most of it. And then we'll fall back and make some points to talk about how to be aware. Verse 12, the sixth angel.

Randy (11:36):

This is the sixth of seven angels with seven bowls of what has been described as that are being poured out, the wrath of God being poured out on this earth. An angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the east. Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs. They came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are spirits of demons, performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.

Randy (12:21):

Behold ... and it shifts to first person, where Jesus breaks in on this, and Jesus speaks. Behold, I come like a thief blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed. Then they gathered the kings together to that place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon. The only place in the scripture that word Armageddon is used is right here. So when will Armageddon come? Can we just deal with that? When will Armageddon come? First point is when Jesus returns. Is that clear enough?

Randy (13:06):

So Eddie is doing our invitation. He's going to come up and we'll go ahead and end it right now then, since we've solved that. No, we'll go a little bit further. Revelation 22:12, if you want to turn to your right couple of pages, 22:12 says Behold, Jesus speaking, I am coming soon. My reward is with me and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. When he says behold, I am coming soon, that word meant also quickly, suddenly. And I think that maybe is the emphasis more than he was trying to ... Because as you know, God's not all that into calendars and watches and things like that. Because he owns time. He was before time and he transcends time. So I think what he's really saying, I'm coming. When I do come, it's going to be sudden, it's going to be quick. You won't be able to prepare at that point because I'll already be on you.

Randy (14:05):

My reward, he's talking about eternal reward here, is with me and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. So don't trip up on this. This is not a works mentality. The gospel is still about grace and God's mercy and faith in Jesus and the atonement. Jesus did the work on the cross. That's not what he's saying. He's saying the reward of that is based on what you have done. Now, let's fall back first on ... Let me just talk about 1st Corinthians 3 for a second, to explain that a little bit better. If you want to check that out for your devotional reading or something, 1st Corinthians 3, Paul is basically making the case that there are maybe degrees or differences in reward in heaven, based on what you've done that lasts and what you've done that does not last.

Randy (15:04):

And that's where he goes through the discourse that says everything one day is going to dry up rust or corrode, whatever, burn up. But those things that make it, that do last into eternity will be rewarded. Those are the things we do or say, our attitude, our actions that are Christ honoring and they model Christ. They're in obedience to the Holy Spirit, I believe. They could be just small little things or they could be major sacrificial things. They're generosity type things, they're done with joy, they're done with the right heart. Those things will survive the fires of going into eternity and they will last forever. They will live forever, and part of our reward will be based on that.

Randy (15:55):

He says in 1st Corinthians 3 that we are fellow workers. That's an incredible statement because God is God, God can do what he wants. There's no limit to his power, but yet he for some reason wants us involved. He wants us to partner with him in his work. That's why people get involved in groups called churches and communities. That's why people go out and serve their ... That's why people try to be the best salt and light and models of Christ that they possibly can be. And like I said, I'm glad to be in a missional church.

Randy (16:32):

I stood in this place on September the 12th of last year of 2021 and I said the day is coming, hopefully within a year, that we will have a second location. Not because we're bored and we need more to do, but because we need to reach more people than we're going to be able to reach at this place. Lord willing on 9/11, 2022, 364 days from that day, we will open the Pinewood location. Now God is behind that whole thing. As James says, God is good and God has no restrictions and no barriers to what he can do. We need to keep our perspective as it should be. And speaking of perspective, can we go back to Revelations 16, look at verse 12 again and then down at verse 15. The angel pours out his bowl on that great river Euphrates.

Randy (17:41):

The Euphrates River runs north to south generally, and it's been the demarcation line between east and west since basically civilization started. We know that we know that generally the West has been more Christianized and more of a Christian persuasion than the East is. That was in the beginning and that continues today, because when you read through this, it talks about the kings of the East will come and they will basically start this last great war. So that makes all the sense in the world. And I think one reason he specifically says something about this river Euphrates and kings of the East. Look at verse 15, back to Jesus.

Randy (18:31):

I come like a thief. Blessed as he who stays awake or alert or aware, vigilant, and keeps his clothes with him and is prepared, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed. Now when Jesus quoted this and when John writes it, both were in a period of the Roman empire. Emperor worship was huge in those days. Herod, whoever was in charge, whoever the king was in Rome was basically seen as pretty much a demigod and it was completely acceptable. It was actually preferred for people to worship him as such.

Randy (19:20):

That's the day and time that this was written, but we also know there's plenty of other idols. In the old days, there was plenty of idolatry going on and there still is today. We just seek to find our idols in other ways. And so we go from there with this perspective of we need to continue to understand that our job is to look to Christ for all of our worldview, for our marching orders, to be obedient to him and to do what we need to do. The day came after this, it wasn't the next day, but over a period of another couple of hundred years, the Roman empire fell. All the great kingdoms of ancient days have fallen. They are temporary. There's one kingdom that is forever, and that needs to hold our attention and be what we do.

Randy (20:19):

So whether we're here, whether we're living our lives every single day, we need to remember, part of our job is to have a healthy fear of the Lord. Healthy fear biblically means a deep abiding reverence, respect of God, to the point that it sort of controls or helps maintain our lifestyle and our decisions. Not because we're afraid of getting whacked if we get out of line, but because we don't want to dishonor and we don't want to disappoint the one that loves us so much. You listening? Because that brings on Godly sorrow that Paul talks about and Godly sorrow means it's time to repent. Because I hate making other people disappointed or mad, but he's first on my list. And that drives a lot of the right behaviors, because we do need to be aware.

Randy (21:18):

Second reason, or the second win, when Armageddon occurs is when God's patience expires. He's a patient God, but it will expire one day. If you got your Bible's turned back to Romans 9, Romans 9:22. What if God, choosing to show his wrath and to make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath, prepared for destruction? See what he's saying? God's got all the power and authority and ability that he needs. But what if he chooses or is willing to hold off on judgment and hold off on the destruction that is coming, just to continue to hope that people will come to know him. I think that's the essence of that verse. Is that not a definition of grace? Extended patience is another way of saying God's a god of grace and mercy. Because if we all got justice and we got it soon, none of us would live long enough to see the next hour, would we? So that is grace, and he is unlimited in all of his power.

Randy (22:35):

He is not weaker by doing that. My case is I think he would be stronger in doing that, but this raises some mystery of God issues and I'll say, for instance, remember back in the Exodus, one of the most wicked men was Pharaoh. He had no problem in enslaving thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Israelites. And he didn't want to let go of them and all like that. And it was all about him and his kingdom and his prophet and all like that. They finally leave. Pharaoh's still living. He still survived all of that. Herod survived. Pilate survived what happened to Jesus in the first century, who was God. Jerusalem survived. When they executed, when they murdered the son of God, they survived that. But I'll have to say this. The big picture of God, 25 years later, their temple fell and they were taken away.

Randy (23:36):

They were decimated. The city was decimated. Pharaoh eventually died. Herod eventually died. And that's when justice happened. That's when God's wrath fully happened. But at Armageddon, at Armageddon, that will be the signal that ultimately his patience for all time has expired. And that's what makes it so dramatic, I think, at that point. So back to our perspective. Look at verse 13 and 14 of Revelations 16. Revelations 16, verse 13 and 14. Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs. They came out of the mouth of the dragon. So here's my take on the frog business. I don't think these are maybe literal frogs, but frogs, like goats, they came to symbolize evil or satanic power. And they're coming out of mouths of these three creatures, which was like the repulsiveness. Can you imagine that, frogs coming out of somebody's mouth?

Randy (24:46):

So I think they're making it as disgusting as ... God's kind of saying, let me paint a picture for you that'll make you want to throw up. There's frogs coming out of these three creatures mouths. That's got to be evil and if you can't get that part, I'll just call them evil spirits. You've got a dragon, you've got a beast. You've got a false prophet. Y'all, this is an unholy trinity that is fighting, even today, the Holy Trinity. You've got this false prophet. You've got the one who is called the anti-Christ and you've got Satan himself.

Randy (25:26):

They are plenty powerful, but they are limited in their power. They have authority across this earth, but ultimately their authority will be limited by a higher power and a higher trinity. And so the Holy Spirit that lives in you is always stronger than the evil forces. The problem with sin is usually it's us responsible for the sin. We really can't blame the evil one because we have what we need as Christ followers to battle the evil one. And so hang in there with me, okay? So look at verse 14. They are the spirits of demons, performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world. So the Eastern kings get a coalition of what we would call a World War. And these are other kings from literally across the globe.

Randy (26:34):

Now, the camps are a little bit split. Is this going to be a literal, actual battlefield battle that happens like World War III, or is this symbolic, which will happen in the air? The force of good, the forces of evil who are battling it out above us and all, and we are at stake there. I have no problem believing it's going to be both. And so whether you believe one or the other, that's fine. Can I use a Southern term? Can just don't get squirrely on me, okay? Because this isn't a doctrine that the rest of the gospel is hanging on, whether this is the literal battle or not. I'll say this, gave me cold chills when I read it. Napoleon, a long, long time ago, he knew a little bit something about military science, Napoleon said the Valley of Jezreel, which is this area of Israel, is the most perfect naturally formed battlefield in all of the world.

Randy (27:32):

And if you've been there and stood on Mount Carmel and looked down and several of you have, and some of you will be soon, I think, oh yeah, you can see it. You can see it. You could roll tanks from Iran and Iraq right across the Euphrates River. And you're right there in Israel. Right past Syria. People have tried to wage it in their mind and battles, say man, that's a little bit tight of a space to be able to do that. But then there's another place in Revelations that talks about there'll be blood several inches deep, it'll be so bloody and be running. And that area is mile after mile after mile. It's an expanded square mile area of just this Valley of Jezreel. And that makes it possible, I think, if you look at simply that. But they go out to the whole world to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty, the prophet Joel kept calling it that day.

Randy (28:40):

You know the day. That day. And then in another chapter, he said it's the terrible day of the Lord. Martin Luther said one time, "I'm a simple man. I only got two days marked on my calendar. Today's one of them, and then the only other one marked is that day." That day. And so I think 13 and 14 are sort of this timeout before Jesus speaks. Let me put a little clarity to how devastating that day will be. The point being, that's the day that his patience expires and he, and only God knows, Jesus didn't even know when he was on this earth. God says that's it. I've waited long enough.

Randy (29:35):

And he speaks it into existence. So what do we do with this information? What's my Christ following perspective on I can't control God's patience? No, we sure can't. But we are to be as Christ, Ephesians 5:1, and we're supposed to be imitators of Christ. So let me ask you a question here for this week to try to act out. Who is there in your world that your patience can get really thin about and maybe has expired. And you've said, that's it. You want to reevaluate that? Are there people in your life that get on your last nerve and they wear your patience thread just thin as a thread, but maybe the Holy Spirit right now is saying, you know what? In God's eyes, they're in his image, just like you are. They are worthy of his love, just like you are. They are in need of Christ, just like you are.

Randy (30:45):

And it may be up for grabs if they even know Jesus yet. Isn't it worth it? Isn't it worth it to grit your teeth and enter their world one more time in order to try to be used by the Holy Spirit to encourage them in their faith or in their position of no faith. That's part of it, y'all, of being aware of what's going on around us and who's around us. So number three, when is Armageddon going to occur? When Christ stages the final judgment. When Christ stages, the final judgment. Look at John, gospel of John for a second. John 19:30 This is Jesus speaking again, John 19:30, on the cross. Y'all know this statement. When he, Jesus had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." In Aramaic that was pronounced tetelestai. He yells out for whoever's listening, tetelestai. It is finished. He also, the word meant, it is complete. It is perfect.

Randy (32:09):

I'm closing the book on this, period. So I bring that back into this discussion because we know those of us who embrace what happened on the cross and then the resurrection. In the those days, and let me set a timeline for you. And this is me. This is Randy. So again, don't get squirrely on me if yours disagrees with this. Where does Armageddon fall in the timeline? I believe it is after the Rapture. So in Christ people, dead and alive, will be caught up. So y'all will not be here if it happens in your lifetime before. You will not be here for Armageddon. But I think it happens before the millennial reign of Christ. At the close of what we call Armageddon, Christ comes down and he ends it. And then he sets up his thousand year reign.

Randy (33:08):

That's where I am in this perspective. But his followers will be spared in the end through all of that, into that millennial reign, because they will be saved, as we say. The saved will be spared, but that still means our perspective, y'all, needs to be, I need to be on fire for Him. I need to be zealous for His gospel. I need to be agents of the most important news in the world, now more than ever. I love Philippians 1:6. In Philippians 1:6 Paul says He who has begun a good work in you will complete it, there's that word again, will complete it until the day of his return. He hasn't come back yet, has he? So that means he's still working on me. He's still working on you. We're still under construction.

Randy (34:01):

Our job is to be the best version of us we possibly can be, not by the standards of the world, but by his standards. He started a good work when you came to know him. If you come to know him today, out there or in the room, and you've not yet taken that step, hallelujah, glory to you, that's a huge step. We call it sanctification. There'll be five baptized, God willing, in the next hour. That's step two of their sanctification process. Sanctification just means I'm a growing Christ follower. I am hoping and planning to be a little bit more mature and strong in my faith this month than I was last month. And if you can look back and say I'm ashamed of that guy there, but thank the Lord I'm not that guy anymore. But this guy out here five years from now, he's going to be ashamed of the present day Randy.

Randy (35:03):

That's what my timeline of sanctification really ought to look like. And one reason I love hanging around here is I see some of you being transformed before my very eyes. It's a wonderful thing. And I see others of you being involved in that process with other people too. And the more you reach out to minister, to mentor, to disciple others, the more of a disciple you become. Can I tell you a quick antithetical story around here? Last fall, there's a couple in this church, they had a first grader, I believe he is. And they wanted him to play Upward basketball. They wanted him to play Upward sports. Didn't have the money though, to get him in Upward sports. James went to them and said, "Don't worry about it. Enroll him. Some people in our church have scholarshipped money and set it aside and we can cash that in no problem. You can do it.

Randy (36:04):

He plays Upward sports. They have an older child. When the Mountain Experience came along, he wanted to go. They wanted him to go. As brand new Christ followers now, this couple wanted him to go. They didn't have the money. So again, James says, "Guess what? Some generous people in our church have given me money to support it. We have a scholarship. No problem. Let him go." I'll try to tell you this. The other day, this couple walked into my office and said, "You know, we've been working really hard on this construction project. I got paid the other day. And this church has blessed us so much, we just want to give back now, because now we have the money to do these things."

Randy (37:02):

And let me tell you, Luke talks about sometimes when we give to the Lord, it comes back tenfold, and that verse has been abused more times theologically than I want to talk about. But after they left and I looked at that check and in my head, I did a little math. This was much more than tenfold coming back. So if you scholarship for Upward or you scholarship for the mountain retreat, or you're just giving because you want to see the kingdom of God advance, your money is being multiplied. Because that boy that went on the mountain retreat has also been baptized, because he saw modeled in the home, his mom and dad got baptized and they are different. And he is different now. And it's not about the money. It's about the multiplication of the spirit of God in people.

Randy (38:01):

That's why I am absolutely sold on this place. This place, not being this building and not being Summerville Baptist Church. When I say this place, I mean the Church of God, because the Church of God represents the spirit of God. And the spirit of God one day will allow Jesus in Matthew 25:31, I believe it is, Jesus pretty much announces, he says, you know what, there's this throne being reserved. It's already been bought. There's this throne that's sitting empty. And one day I'm going to come sit on that throne. You know why it's empty right now? Nobody else is worthy. It's going to stay empty until that day. And on that day, that'll be my place.

Randy (38:56):

So that ought to be a sense of joy for all of us. So part of being aware, y'all, don't get bogged down. Don't get weighed down by the cares of this world so much. Be aware of them, deal with them, face your fears, face your challenges, face the stuff going on as you need to, but see the bigger story. The bigger story is the King is still in charge and he's not going to give up the throne. Now there's some of you, I know, that don't believe in an Armageddon and you can't define an Armageddon. That's okay. It's not like it's the end of the world or anything. Oh, you got it. I thought some of you, it went right over your head.

Randy (39:49):

But you know what, I've noticed also and being aware, as tricky as this culture gets, and as off base as it's become and as bad in terms of completely losing sight of truth and all that stuff, haven't you noticed that with almost everybody, there is something in them that is so restless. And actually what they're drawn toward is anything that seems to be pure and holy and sacred and righteous and good. They can't define it all the time, but they are drawn to it like a magnet. And what a great day to be a Christ follower. What great opportunities we have. If you want to read more on what Jesus said about that day of Armageddon, Matthew 24 is a good one. He's asked about that because they're walking by Herod's temple, and they're talking about boy, that's about like the most beautiful building in the world. He says well, enjoy it because the day's coming it's going to be laying on the ground and it's just going to be a bunch of rubble.

Randy (41:05):

They think he's talking about the end times, but he's really talking about, I think, 70 AD when Rome has their patience expire with Israel and they come and they decimate the whole part of Jerusalem there, but it applies to the end times too, because then he goes into a discourse and he says it again. He says, I'm going to come like a thief. I'm going to come in. It's going to be like middle of the night maybe. And it's going to be like, I'm here instantly. And so if you're not ready, if you're not prepared, if you're not aware, it's going to be too late to get aware. Look at verse 16, one more time and chapter 16, they gathered the Kings together in that place called Armageddon. That was two words put together. Arm in Greek was Mount, Megiddo is a place still, it's the Valley of Jezreel, it's called that also.

Randy (42:06):

Megiddo's actually a valley. There's not a mount that we can call, but I think he's just saying the totality of that region. It's a valley with mountains around it. It's a physical place he's defining, in upper Israel, which is called by this word Armageddon. So we have to be aware, y'all. That place is historically significant, even now without Armageddon, because if you read the Old Testament, there were some famous kings and judges who won great battles on that property, or actually lost their lives. Gideon won his battle there. Deborah, the judge, won her battle there. King Saul died or took his life there at that place. Josiah, the great young king, died in battle on that very ground. And you know, if there's a day of a World War III coming and we already are facing it every single day, that WMD, the weapons of mass destruction are on everybody's mind, aren't they?

Randy (43:16):

The capability has been there for years and it is there my dad in 1963 built a house and he put a fallout shelter in it, because at that point, the Cuban missile crisis was going on. And it's like, we're one lunatic's index finger away here. Here we are and what is this, 2022, we're one lunatic's index finger away. But can I paint a picture for you from the scripture? This is in Revelation 19. And it's incredible, because on that day With all the technology and the massive technology that's available to kill people today and weapons of mass destruction, an ancient king, an ancient warrior, is going to walk onto that battlefield with an ancient weapon, and he will win the day. You want to hear about it? It's Revelations 16. I mean 19, I'm sorry, verse 11.

Randy (44:25):

And I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse whose writer was faithful and true. With justice he judges and he makes war. His eyes are like blazing fire and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. He is dressed in a robe dripped in blood. And his name is the word of God. The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. Out of his mouth come not frogs, but a sharp sword, with which he strikes down the nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh, he has this name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Randy (45:37):

You're on the winning side. You might need to be reminded some days, I know I do. But if you are a Christ follower, there is a day that we will celebrate, knowing the risen King, he is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And with the word of God, he will triumph. I think that calls for wild rejoicing, as well as, to me, intense repentance. I think it's almost like you do them both together. We got a lot of rejoicing to do, but I know me well enough to know I need to, it humbles me, makes me drive to my knees in repentance. Because he is the king of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And he loves you that much. So Eddie's going to come and lead us in one more song. We'd love to meet you down here, to pray for you to celebrate a decision that you have to make as the Holy Spirit's guiding you. Won't you stand and let's sing together.

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