5/8/22 Sermon Transcript / Seriously, Part 3 - Angels

The following is a sermon transcript taken from May 8, 2022.

Seriously? Part 3 - Angels

Pastor Randy:

[00:00:30] My name is Randy. I am so glad you're here. I know we have some people that it's first time in the room, and we're especially glad that you're here. Hope to get to know you a little bit better at the tent afterwards. And out there online, thank you. Some of you are very regular. Some of you belong here. You're not able to be here, so you're there, and we're always glad to have you also, wherever you may be today, and happy Mother's Day out there to you as well.

[00:01:00] So everybody do me a favor. Inhale very deeply and then exhale. Some of you drug in here a lot of anxiety. Mother's Day gives you a whole set of memories that are maybe not that great, and so I know that some of you have this visual right now of a woman, [00:01:30] and you would give your life savings if she were sitting right here next to you. There's others of you that would give that just if she was around more often when she was. And for moms, a lot of moms in the room, a lot of moms out there, you never stop being a mom, no matter how old the kids get.

And I know that comes with its whole set of you still want to nurture, you still want [00:02:00] to guide them, you still want to direct them, and when they're in pain, you're in pain. We all know that. And so there's a lot of emotions in the room, and there's a lot of emotions with you out there in your homes too. We just want to acknowledge it, and we just want to try our best to communicate the life of one who is over all of this, and he is in complete authority over all of this. [00:02:30] So we can do our best to relax and just open our minds and open our hearts.

So to do that, we engage in prayer. Let's pray together. Lord, would you just cover the room, and cover all the viewing points in this community or even 3, 4, 5 states away. We acknowledge that [00:03:00] we need you. We acknowledge our families need you. Our church family needs you. So please come, Holy Spirit. Amen.

Pastor Randy: Well, we continue on with the series. The series title is Seriously, because in our day, in our culture today, there's a lot of skepticism, a lot of cynicism in a lot of areas. You know what though? It's amazing to me [00:03:30] that the more cynical our society, our nation seems to get, the more there's this hunger or desire to know something supernatural. Have you noticed that? Have you just checked out some of the Netflix stuff? Have you just checked out some of the TV shows lately that bear that up?

I mean, everybody is looking for some either ghost, or a UFO sighting, or a zombie appears, and whatever. We know that a tremendous [00:04:00] amount of people, believe it or not, believe that there is some kind of reality about zombies, and that a quarter of our millennials actually have a zombie apocalypse plan in place. I mean, but that's just the world we live in. I'm not knocking that. There's this incredible desire.

Maybe possibly one answer to that is, as I've heard one pastor say it so well, we have this secular [00:04:30] post-Christian society now, but at the same time, we still would like the trappings of Christianity. We'd like the order. We'd like the civility. We would like the blessings of a Christian society, but yet we just don't want the Christ that goes along with it. And he said, "We have a kingdom, but we don't have a king."

And so today, we're going to talk about that king as we always do, but within the [00:05:00] context of the next part of our series, which is all about angels. So if we're talking about angels today, guess what? On Father's Day, we're going to talk about Satan. Just kidding. Just kidding. That's actually next Sunday, Lord willing. We're going to wrap up with a discussion of angels and the evil spirits, because we're going to look at the good spirits today, and then the following week, we'll close it out with a discussion of Armageddon.

[00:05:30] What's it look like when that day comes? Because the jury is out with so many people about that. Is that real? Is that really going to happen? There's a lot of people that think eventually our world will just get better, and better, and better, and we'll create our own sense of heaven here, and everything will be hunky dory in the end. So let me start out by saying this. Angels, not just my opinion, I do believe this. I believe I can by the scripture if it has any authority [00:06:00] in your world, I believe I can say this. Angels exist, but they exist to reflect the Son's superiority.

And at the end of the day, that's our job as Christ followers too, right? We should see our lives existing for the master to reflect, deflect the good stuff onto him, to take responsibility for the fallen, broken stuff because that is us, and to move that way in such a manner. Hebrews 1:6 [00:06:30] is validating that on the screen behind you. So how about thank you for bringing your Bibles. Turn to Hebrews 1. We'll be there. We'll be in chapter two.

We'll be all over the place very quickly. So you might want to jot down or just keep your Bible open and active, turn your device on out there. Thank you for grabbing a Bible and something to write with maybe, and chime in with us as we explore this phenomenon called angels. So what I'm going to try to do, I'm going to try to go really fast. Is that okay with all [00:07:00] of you up in the balcony? You're already ahead of me anyway, right?

So we're going to go fast. We're going to talk about angel questions. Questions that always come up about angels, and then we'll talk about the roles, which I think is more important. What purpose do angels within this superiority of Christ thing have to do with that? So let's jump right in;. And reminder, I'm going to be all over the place in the scripture.

So the first thing, how did angels come into existence? How did [00:07:30] angels get here? Well, that's in Colossians back to your left, just a little bit. Colossians 1:16 says this. "For by him..." This is talking about Jesus. "All things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or powers, or rulers, or authorities, all things were created by him and for him." That pretty much includes everything.

[00:08:00] We think of the creator, God, as what we can see, right? The earth, the stars, all the galaxies and all like that. That is true, but we got a reminder. He also created what is unseen, the spirit world, the forces, the powers, the [inaudible 00:08:17], whether they be good or whether they turned bad after they were good. He's over all that, and all of that was created by him and for him. Which the translation of that is he has unbelievable authority over everything. So angels came into existence because they were created by God through Jesus Christ.

[00:08:30] So here's within that, let's talk a little bit more about that. Do they have bodies like we do? We read in the Bible where people can see them, and they look pretty impressive, and they're beautiful and everything. They are by nature, it appears, immaterial. They are spirits. And the reason for that is Hebrews 1:14, "Are not all [00:09:00] angels ministering spirits sent to serve?" So they're somewhat like God. They're spirit in the spirit world.

One question I've had, and you might have it too, is how do they reproduce? God takes, he makes a man and a woman, and then he reproduces everybody. Did he make one angel, two angels, and they reproduce? They do not. Mark 12, Jesus gets a question from some people trying [00:09:30] to trick him, set him up, and they say, "What's it going to be like in heaven? Are we going to be married in heaven and continue to do that?" And he says, "Nope. Just like the angels, there will not be marriage and reproduction in heaven."

Here's another question that comes up a lot. How many are there? Oh my goodness. We see numbers thrown out there throughout the Bible. Mark... I'm sorry. Revelation [00:10:00] 5 is one of those where it's just if you do your math, it's over 100 million, and then there's more probably. More impressive to me as Hebrews 12:22 in the ESV translation. Hebrews 12:22 says, "There's enumerable." Can't count them. Nobody knows. Only God himself knows. We [00:10:30] know this, they're here to reflect the glory of the Son of God, which is Jesus.

Now, I'm trying to stay away from the anecdotal stories, because there's so many of them, of course, and stick to the scripture. We have enough indications, and sightings, and reportings of angels in the scripture to formulate our theology I think that's pretty sound based on that. I'll say this though. If you have had encounters you believe, I'd love [00:11:00] to hear about it sometime, because I believe that with this great God we serve anything as possible. And I know that if you've ever been in the room when a loved one or somebody else's loved one slips into eternity, it's even more easy to believe that there are angels. Whether I could see them or not, there are angels around here.

And so a lot of sightings for whatever reason seem [00:11:30] to be in hospitals. Healthcare folks of you, you may even have stories. Late at night, third shift, I've heard so many of those stories where this figure comes and takes care of an issue, and nobody knows who it was. I try to stay away in this setting from some of those, because hospitals also are the place where people are the most drugged up, and they're most sleep deprived, and so you're liable to see a bunch of things there too, but [00:12:00] I'm not making light of the fact.

Next question, what's the lifespan? How long do they live? Well, Luke 20:36 is your reference point there. In Luke 20:36, Jesus still speaking. He says, "And they can no longer die," he's talking about us, "for they are like the angels. They are God's children," talking about us, "since they are children of the resurrect." He's comparing us somewhat to angels in eternity, not here. Now, Hebrews [00:12:30] also in another place says, "Hey, got good news for you. Little bit of bad news is we're all going to die." We know that. The percentages are pretty strong, aren't they? It's going to be 100% of us are one day going to die unless he comes back before, but it says, "After that death, we're appointed only once to die, and then later there's the judgment, then there's eternity." We won't die anymore.

Angels, he's pretty clear on this. Angels will [00:13:00] never die in eternity either. We'll all exist together for eternity. Now, the resurrection that I just read, that is the key. The resurrection is the big divining point, because when Jesus comes and walks out of that tomb, and he's alive again after being dead to atone for our sins, he calls the shots repeatedly. Prophets hundreds of years before did it. It happens just [00:13:30] as it was broken out and prophesied. Hundreds of people see him, some repeatedly, for the next 40 days, and then he goes back to Heaven to rule in Heaven. That means that nobody in this room, and nobody out there is too far gone.

You're not out of reach for him to say, "Yes, I can make you a no doubter." And a no doubter means when your day comes, you will be with us up here in Heaven. [00:14:00] That is the unbelievably marvelous thing about the resurrection. And that's what is so cool about the thought of one day, we will be like the angels. Hebrew says, "We're a little lower than the angels right now in our status, but the day is coming when we will be like them in the fact that we'll all be in eternity together." So what do we do so far with this information?

Here's my advice as one of [00:14:30] you. Stay as close to the Lord on a daily basis as you possibly can. Now, if you're watching out there, or you're in the room, and you're not a Christ follower, I'm not talking to you. I'm not trying to throw advice to you that you don't believe in. We're super glad that you're here, and we are really, really encouraging you to continue to kind of investigate things, [00:15:00] but I'm talking to people now who already are. Now, I still think it's good advice for you, but I don't have the right to tell you yet what to do.

But for those of you that are Christ followers, I have the right to tell you what to do, I guess. Stay as close to God every day as you can. We have a marvelous gift called his scripture. We have an unbelievable pathway to connect with him intimately every day. It's called prayer. It's activated by the Holy [00:15:30] Spirit of God that lives in you as a Christ follower, and automatically has a link to God himself every single day.

If we are not pursuing holiness as individuals nowadays, we are no different from a broken, busted up world, and we're no good to the people who are not yet Christ followers, because they see us, and they see no difference. And if they see no difference, they don't see any relevance. And if they don't see any relevance, then [00:16:00] what's the power behind it all? Looks like a lot of mysticism and hocus pocus to me and ritualistic stuff. That's why you hear people everywhere say, "I don't believe in formal religion," whatever that means. What it means is, "I don't believe in something that has a lot of mechanisms, but no power behind it."

And we are put on this earth to live with power that comes from somewhere else outside of us, but now is in us. [00:16:30] And so it is an unbelievable calling, and what it amounts to is, y'all, we... It's a simple plan. We are to follow the Shepherd, capital S. That means the sheep don't have the ability to argue with the Shepherd. We can't make deals with the Shepherd. We can't give him ultimatums. We don't get to decide the timeframe. We don't even get to decide the direction that the Shepherd is taking us. [00:17:00] Our job... You listening? Our job is to follow the Shepherd.

Now, am I here to be the model for that? I ought to get at the back of the line some days for that. I've been known to do a poor job for a long time of that, but I'm just encouraging you that I finally in my stupidity realized the less lip he gets with me, and the more obedience he [00:17:30] gets from me, then the better we both are, because there's enough of the scriptures, a lot that's mysterious, but there's enough of the scripture that is crystal clear and simple enough to do today. And if we would just do it.

We would then walk into every room as the most powerful person walking into that [00:18:00] room, not to hold it up, and be arrogant, and lord it over people, but to leverage that for the rest of the room. And that's what I believe a crumbling culture is dying for right now, some kind of hope that's truly hope. So let's move on. How do they differ from us? How do angels differ from us?

Look at 2:5-7 of Hebrews, "It is not to angels [00:18:30] that he has subjected the world to come about which we are speaking, but there is a place where someone has testified, 'What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?'" He's quoting Psalm 8, where David says, "Who am I that you would spend any time on me? I'm me." And also the Son of man, he's calling out the Messiah 1,000 years before the Messiah comes, or that you would [00:19:00] care for him. Then verse seven, "You made him," Jesus, we know now, "a little lower than the angels," while he was on the earth, because he's fully human. "You crowned him with glory in honor." That's when he goes back to Heaven.

So David, here again, supernaturally 1,000 years before it happens, says, "There's this great king coming, and he's going to be a much better king than me. He's going to have this amazing power to subject himself to humanity being God, but then at the same time, there is [00:19:30] a day he's going back to rule in Heaven. He'll go back to his throne." And it happened exactly as David foresaw through the power of God. So that's a good kickoff for how do they differ from us.

Well, they're similar in that they are moral creatures, just like we are. We're moral creatures. We do right, and we do wrong. Angels are a little bit more separated differently, because it appears to me from the scripture that the angels are either really, really good, or they're [00:20:00] really, really bad. There's no gray area. There's no I'm kind of in and out here like we get sometimes. They're either evil to the core, or they're like good.

But here's the difference. There's nowhere in the scripture that angels are said to have the indwelling Holy Spirit in them. They're getting their marching orders, and they're just doing it. We have the Holy Spirit in us, the direct [00:20:30] presence and voice of God in us to direct us. Angels are an important topic, but we don't need angels to exist in order for us to be close to the father. You following me? Picking up what I'm laying down here? Because of the marvelous gift of the Holy Spirit.

Now, it does appear that angels have a little more, shall I say, horsepower than we do. [00:21:00] We know they got some supernatural strength. We know they're powerful. They know things we don't know. 2 Peter 2:1 says, "They're bigger, and they're stronger." He ought to know, because Peter had firsthand encounters with angels. I'll just throw out a couple of examples of the extra oomph that angels have. We know before the deliverance from Egypt, that the death angel flies over the capital of Egypt at that time. And by the time he's done, we don't know how many [00:21:30] hundreds, maybe thousands of firstborn are dead, and animals too. That's power given by God.

We know that there was a young man possibly in his late teens. His name is Daniel, who takes the stand in a very pagan culture. They get sideways. They throw him into a lion's den, because that's how they like to torment and kill people in those days. They throw him into this lion's den. They seal the opening of that, and it says [00:22:00] literally, "Angels came and shut the mouths of the lions." Now, that's pretty impressive. There's so many like that.

You want to hear my favorite? I love the story where an angel or two go in in the wee hours of the morning before the sun comes up, and this huge boulder, maybe two tons. We don't know. They take it, and just like a Lego toy [00:22:30] they roll it away from this tomb, so that a king can emerge. That is my favorite. I think there's a day coming that we're going to witness some unbelievable power by some angels also. It will be that day. But we do know this. They exist simply [00:23:00] to reflect the Son.

So now let's talk about what they do. Okay? Real quickly, what they do. First thing is they minister. 1:14 of Hebrews, "They are ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation." Who will inherit salvation? See what that means? Angels are sent to communicate with and to minister to those who are Christ followers, or those who are going to become Christ followers. That's the caveat [00:23:30] for what they're to do, but at the end of the day, that's our job. Isn't it?

We are supposed to bless the rest. That means wherever you go, the room you're in, the classroom you're in, the workstation you have, wherever you are, look for someone to bless, because we have the love of Christ in us. "People know that Christ is real," it says, "because of the way we love each other." Loving them is a way to do that, whether it's a big deal, or whether it's a very small [00:24:00] act of love. That's part of ministry. We come together in community because when we're hurting it's good to have encouragement, and people, they understand that.

When we need correction, that's good to have a body of people we can trust say, "Brother, I think you're kind of out of line here." We need all those factors to develop ourselves to be better. That's called ministry. When somebody dies in your family, you like to see those fellow brothers and sisters [00:24:30] in the Lord show up. You all know that. Within this ministry though, we know that there's a huge role called messengers. Angels have been in the Bible, typically used many times, most times, to be messengers of one reason or another, whether it's good news or bad news.

I've read these theologians who make a big deal out of hierarchy of angels. They've got it all broken down, cherubim, seraphim, all those different names of angels, and they have an organization [00:25:00] chart for them. I think you can overdo that. I don't think that helps me a whole lot. They may be exactly right. I just don't know. We don't have any evidence of scripture to bear that out. But I do know this. There is one title that is specifically named at the very top. It's Michael. He's the arc angel, right?

There's only two angels that are named by name, Michael and Gabriel. When Gabriel shows up, we only have four [00:25:30] accounts, but they're both old and new Testament. When Gabriel shows up, he's either interpreting a dream that you've had, or he's coming to tell you that you're pregnant. Okay? And in both cases, the pregnancy was a shock, let me tell you. When Michael comes, all he is going to do is say, "There's going to be a big fight coming, and I'm going to be in the middle of it." Sounds like good western, doesn't it?

There's going to be some fighting [00:26:00] down there today, and I'm going to be the one fighting. But that's it. So if you have an encounter with Michael in the near future, I'd just soon not hear about it, because we know what that's going to end up being. But they are those messengers straight from the mouth of God himself. So what else do they do? They're protectors.

Look at Psalm 91:11. Psalm 91:11, this is from the old Testament, "For [00:26:30] he will command his angels concerning you to guard you." Protectors, guardians. Now, this is where it's fun to talk about. I think we can overdo this too. Are there really guardian angels? I've been told before everybody has a guardian angel. He's assigned to you. And I guess from scripture, I could loosely make a case both ways.

My personal belief is I have no [00:27:00] doubt. I know for sure that angels on occasions have, probably still do, step in in the invisible realm to protect us or protect others, and we most likely never know about that. As far as if there's one assigned to all of us, I'm not sure. I think we're covered by the blood of Christ. I don't need a separate guardian angel. I don't need to believe that to be secure in that. And furthermore, I know some of you. One is not [00:27:30] going to do it. You're going to need 10 or 12 to guard you, and I don't read that anywhere in the scripture also.

Let me give you a couple of examples though. In Matthew 18, Jesus himself says. He's talking about children, and he says, "You can rest assured these children are protected by their angel." So here's another layer of it. It could be that the weak, the vulnerable, the ones that need it a little bit more, they might [00:28:00] get that. They may have a little bit extra guard over their life. We all know some miraculous stories.

Peter in Acts 12, first hand encounter. He's in prison. He's shackled. The doors are all locked. An angel comes in, busts open the doors, busts off the shackles, walks him out. He thinks he's having a dream. He kind of comes to at the end of the street, and it's like, "How [00:28:30] did I even get here?" An angel has led him out, a guardian, a protector angel.

We know that Paul in Acts 27. They're about to be shipwrecked, or they're about to all be lost at sea. They're in his terrible storm. It's been going on for a week now. They're getting frantic. There's 200 and something people on the ship. He announces the next morning at dawn, "Hey, angel visited me last night in a vision. He said to tell you, 'We're all going to make it. If you do exactly what I say, we'll all [00:29:00] make it.'" And they all made it. They are here to serve, and at times, if God chooses, I think they are here to protect.

Last thing is worship. This may be the foremost. My systematic theology professor in seminary said, "This is the most genuine and the most important role of angels is to lead the way in worship." Look at Hebrews 1:6. "And [00:29:30] again, God brings his first born into the world, and he says, 'Let all God's angels worship him,'" meaning Jesus Christ. Worship comes from three different languages put together that basically means give worth to.

We do know from the scripture there are angels who sing. That must be quite a vocalist there. They sing. There's some who play instruments. We know there's what we would call [00:30:00] heavenly bands or heavenly choirs in Heaven. You can read that two or three places in Revelation. Chapter, I think, five being one of those. When you're worshiping, it just means my focus is on Jesus. My focus is on God. My affection, my reverence, my humility is toward him. It is an act literally in the day of bowing down before him to submit to a king.

In [00:30:30] those days, you could have your head removed from your shoulders when you entered the throne room of a king, and you did not bow. And that's a pretty good way to see our importance of worship. He is worthy. He's more than worthy. He'll be worthy the rest of eternity, and so it makes sense. I've tried to stay away from the antidotal. I'm going to break out a couple. And [00:31:00] this is just conjecture on my part from my own life, but also one that I've been able to document as best as I can that it was authoritative, best we know, that happened years ago.

When I was in college one summer, I wasn't able to work the whole summer because I had to go to summer school. I had a little struggle with Spanish along the way, and so that made me I couldn't get a job like I had been in the summers, and so a friend of mine's [00:31:30] dad hired me to work on his farm with his son and another guy for the rest of that summer, and I was really appreciative of that. His son was a special needs boy, a little bit older than me, that I had been all through high school with. Our paths crossed like this, so we knew each other extremely well, and he was fairly high functioning, but he was very special needs.

So one day, he is on the front end of a bunch of two by [00:32:00] fours. My other friend is on the back end of that. They're bringing it into the barn. There's an opening. There's one way in and one way out of this barn. I'm already in the barn. I don't remember what I was... I was probably supervising. They come in, and Charlie, who's on the front, he's just kind of reckless. He slams all those two by fours up against the wall, and the tin just vibrates and reverberates all over that. That whole barn shook. [00:32:30] And then they drop it.

What we didn't know was right above our heads was a huge hornet's nest. So we become aware. Oh man, we're getting nailed. So my other friend and I, we take off, and we're running for the door, and we get out of there finally. Along the way, we get nailed several times. We turn around, and oh my goodness, Charlie is still in there. We go flying back to the doorway, [00:33:00] and Charlie is literally standing in the hallway of that little barn like this, "What's the problem? What's going on?" Everyone in that hive of hornets bypassed him, the closest one, and they jumped me and my friend. Now, that's my case as it is for possibly there are guardian angels, especially for the vulnerable, especially for the weak, especially [00:33:30] for the young.

Years and years ago in a place called the New Hebrides Islands, it's a group of islands east and north of Australia, the South Pacific. In the 1800s there had been no missionary presence ever there. A man and his wife leave Britain. They go to be the first. They get to the shore. They come up on the shore. They get off. [00:34:00] Within several hours, they had been accosted by the tribe there. They had been taken by sundown. They had both been killed already, and they became the main course for dinner, because come to find out, this was a cannibalistic tribe, and many on that group of islands were.

So nobody ever went back there for years and years. God started moving again in England and Scotland, and he raised [00:34:30] up a few men who said, "I believe that God is speaking and is about to do work in this chain of islands." And they had the courage to go back in. They all hit on different islands. So every island, every experience was like the first time. One in particular, his name was John Paton.

John Paton had just married. He was a young man called of God. He had a mentor. When he announced to his mentor, "I think God is calling me to the [00:35:00] New Hebrides Islands," the mentor immediately started to talk him out of it. And finally at the apex of all of this, he said, "Look, don't you know they're cannibals? They'll eat you and your wife." And then in his in your face way of communicating, I guess, John Paton looked at him and he said, "Brother, I respect you, but you're an old man. You're going to die pretty soon, and worms are going to eat you. So what's the difference?"

[00:35:30] And so he comes. He comes to one of those little islands in the New Hebrides Islands. They set out. Almost immediately, it's not good. The people are hostile. They don't like them. They suspicion them. They threaten them. They go about their job. His wife is pregnant. She gives birth. Before the first year is out, his wife and his newborn baby die of malaria. He buries them with his hands, just digs two graves with his hands. [00:36:00] He collects himself. He mourns. He gets back to work.

The chief was an antagonist. They threatened him many times. There were more than once he had a knife held to his throat. More than once he was threatened with physical harm or death. Finally, the day came because none of that worked. He just kept loving them. He just kept coming. The chief finally sends a messenger to him one day, and he says, "Prepare yourself, [00:36:30] because tonight we are coming for you, and you will not survive the night." He goes home into his little hut. He just starts praying. He's on his knees praying.

They show up, the warriors. 100 warriors show up. They surround his hut. He's hearing them chanting. He's hearing their insults. He's hearing all of that stuff. He continues to pray. They continue to clamor all through the night. They never made a move. They leave. He comes out of his hut [00:37:00] in the morning. He's still alive. They're gone. About another year roll around, God supernaturally moves, and the chief comes to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

After the celebration, John says, "I got to ask you a question. I'm curious. About a year ago, you sent your warriors to kill me. Why didn't they?" The chief is surprised that he's even asking that question. He said, "What do you mean why they [00:37:30] didn't? They couldn't." He said, "Why do you say that?" He said, "Just every time they would advance, they were aware, and they saw all your warriors, 100 of them, standing in front of the door with swords drawn. Why do you think we didn't try it?" And John went to his grave believing that that night [00:38:00] God supernaturally saved his life with the direct involvement of manifestations of angels.

Now, there's a bigger story. 80% of that island came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, but there's a bigger story. A few years later, a revival hit most all those chain of islands, and it jumps to Australia, [00:38:30] and a lot of the evangelical churches that are in Australia today are a result of the revival in the New Hebrides Islands, because a loving infinite God decided not today. Today I spare this servant, because he has a message that will change a continent.

He's still on [00:39:00] the throne today. There's a holy war coming one day, but my opinion is simply this. As many angels that Michael leads and as intense as the warfare in the air is going to become, and you can read about it in a place like Daniel and Revelation. As bad and as many people will lose their life, and as bad as the carnage and bloodshed will be in the visible in this earth, I think that those angels and the evil spirits, it's window dressing [00:39:30] in some ways. It's symbolic in some ways, because the king already reigns. The king is already on his throne, therefore, the victory has already been won. That happened on the cross when the resurrection happened.

And because of that, Jesus is fully able to step into that arena and just speak the word, and he's going to take down every evil spirit ever. And the one we'll talk about next week will [00:40:00] get what he's coming. That's just my belief, but until the holy war fully gets here, we have some battles to win right here, don't we? I wonder what your next step ought to be. My advice, and again, if you're not a Christ follower yet, I'm not talking to you. Just submit your life to Christ, flat out, no questions, no conditions, [00:40:30] no holes barred. Just give him what he wants, which is everything about you. He will give it back to you, transformed and powerful.

So Braeden and our group is going to come up. We get the awesome privilege of worshiping one more time, don't we? So while they're coming up, I'm just going to invite all of you to stand. We have an altar call. We call it where we'll be down here, and I'd love to pray with [00:41:00] you or help you with any next step, we call it, that you need to make, whether it's to renew your walk with the Lord, to find him for the very first time, to acknowledge him for the very first time, or you need a church home, and you don't have one, and you feel like God is telling you, "This is it." This is great time to come forward, and we'll celebrate that.

Also, we can take care of a lot of that at the tent, if you need to talk a little bit further about that. So [00:41:30] let me pray for all of you. Father, we're grateful for the life you've given us. We're also grateful for the life to come that you've given us. God, this room is full of people, and we have hundreds out there who are watching, who I think we all have a next step we need to take. God, would you just do what you need to do in our hearts now. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

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