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Bert's Bytes - Celebrate Summer

Faith and Freedom Sunday was awesome! We worshiped God with thanks for our freedom and for those who serve our Armed Forces. Clebe McClary was inspiring and challenging. Groups of all ages engaged God’s Word. We braved “a little” rain to enjoy fellowship, great food, Kona Ice, and watersides. A big thank you to our Fellowship Team led by Liz Price for their wonderful service. And special thanks to all who remembered the “important” thing…desserts!

The coming weeks of summer hold many great opportunities for discipleship and service for all ages. Please explore this edition of SB Life and to discover where you can connect to make the most of the weeks ahead. Every moment is here to Build and Bring and Bless the Rest. And as we look toward the launch of Summerville Baptist at Pinewood in September, pray and seek God’s place of service for you.

Summer Blessings,


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