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Eddie's Expo - Leadership

One of our core values is: Leadership is best expressed through service. As we experience the beginning of a new school year and the church calendar fills with ministry events, many opportunities will present ways in which you can serve to help accomplish our mission to the community and the world.

Children’s choirs and mission groups, along with youth gatherings, start next Wednesday and provide all sorts of ways in which you can serve to help impact the lives of our children and youth. Summerville Baptist is starting a new campus at Pinewood school in less than a month with tons of ways you can help reach people in that area for Jesus. New Life Groups start in the fall on different days of the week and provide opportunities for you to lead a group or host a group, helping people grow in their faith. Music ministry opportunities to lead in worship, including Praise Band, Worship Choir, Redeemed Student Ensemble, and Student Band. There really is a place for you to use your gifts and serve the Lord in ministry.

Leading through service is modeled in the life of Jesus as He chose to serve others daily. As Christ followers, we need to follow in the steps of Jesus and lead through service. Explore new ways this fall to use your talents and gifts to serve others as you serve the Lord. It really is the best way to lead.


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