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Eddie's Expo - What New Thing is God Calling You To Do?

May is a month filled with endings and new beginnings. A year of school comes to a close, and new summer adventures begin; then, fall brings a new school year with new opportunities. Perhaps I’m thinking about that a lot lately as I have a senior in high school graduating this May and heading to college in the fall.

God never wants us to stay the way we are. We should always strive to finish the task God has placed before us and move to the next assignment God gives us with eagerness and joy. We should always seek to grow in our faith and strive to be closer to God every day. While change or new things may scare some, staying the same will only lead to complacency and stagnation.

So what new thing is God calling you to do? Maybe it’s stepping off the sidelines and getting in the game. Maybe it’s accepting a leadership position in a ministry that you may feel unqualified for. Remember, Jesus didn’t choose synagogue leaders as His disciples; Jesus chose ordinary men that He could use in extraordinary ways to accomplish His kingdom’s work. Perhaps God is asking you to step out in faith and trust Him to provide all you need to accomplish the mission He has for you.

Perhaps it’s time for you to rise to the next level, do something you never thought possible, and trust God in some new adventure. A great place to start may be to check out some of the ministry opportunities below. As the school year comes to an end this month, what great new opportunity will you begin for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom? Step out in faith and get in the game. It will transform your life forever.


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