It's Christmas Season! - James' Jam

"Christmas time is here…happiness and cheer…fun for all that children call…their favorite time of year!"

I love that song. And though they’ve been playing that song on the radio since September, now it’s officially accurate! Christmas time really is here.

I’m also really grateful as we enter the Christmas season that our ability to have love, joy, peace and hope are not dependent on the circumstances we find ourselves in today. The life that we have in Jesus is every bit as abundant today as it was this time last year; the joy we have in Jesus is just as real on the worst day as it is on the best day.

That’s the beauty of the good news of the Gospel. It’s still good news in a broken world. As it says in Isaiah 9v2, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.”

This Christmas season, let’s spread light — let’s carry the good news of great joy to the world!


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