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James' Jam - 911

9-1-1. Those three numbers sure do carry a lot of weight! And quite honestly, if you’ve ever been in a situation where those numbers became necessary, they’re not exactly the numbers that dreams are made of! But when those numbers are dialed, something incredible happens…someone with the power to help, to rescue, picks up, and moves in your direction.

The reality is that we all need a rescuer. We all need someone with the power to save, to heal, and to move in our direction. We all need Jesus.

And so, here we are, as Summerville Baptist Church, about to launch a new campus on 9-11 so that the story of Jesus — the Gospel — can be proclaimed to more and more people.

The Gospel is about redemption and restoration; it’s about Jesus breaking into the most dire and hopeless circumstance and, in that place, bringing hope and light and life. The Gospel is the story of the ultimate rescue mission — how God in heaven stepped into time and space to give his life to save ours.

And this Sunday — September 11, 2022 — we get to tell that story at two campuses for the first time!

See You Sunday,


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