James' Jam - Summer Plans

The days are getting longer…and hotter! Can you feel it? Summer is close, and I am pumped! Here’s why.

Since Impact::Together Weekend, our ministry to the Robynwyn community has continued, as our Community Missions team has reroofed another house, and some of our members have continued to build relationships with people they met at the block party. On June 5th, we will be back at Wassamassaw Park as we seek to continue developing relationships with the families in Robynwyn — please be in prayer for a great day!

Bible school is on the horizon! I can’t wait to see our building full of kids and our church come together to point the kids toward Jesus.

Our kids and our students have the opportunity to experience summer camp in July. These events are going to be incredible — sign up at sbcentral.life.

And, we get the opportunity to gather each week in worship and in small groups! God is at work; let’s continue to build and bring, so we can see the grace of God continue to transform our community!


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