James' Jam - The Book of Joshua

I’ve always loved the story of Joshua in the Old Testament. It’s such a powerful moment in the timeline of Israel. As the book of Joshua begins, Moses is gone, but God has promised to be with Joshua. Israel has finally come to the edge of the promised land, and they are about to cross the Jordan and enter the land after wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. What a huge moment, right?!

As the nation of Israel stands in this moment, they receive two commands. One command comes from God; he tells Joshua to have the Israelites pick up twelve stones from the Jordan as a reminder for the generations to come of the faithfulness of God in bringing his people to the place he promised.

The other command came from the Israelites’ own officers. They told the people to make sure, as they crossed the Jordan, to follow the ark of the covenant in order to know where they should go because they have not been that way before. In other words, as they move into the future, Israel is reminded to follow the presence of God as he leads the way into all he has promised.

As a church, we are rapidly approaching our 125th-anniversary celebration. Like the Israelites, we can look back at years and years of God’s faithfulness — and yet, like the Israelites, we realize that we have a long way to go! There is still so much in front of us, so many opportunities to live for the glory of God and the good of humanity.

I hope you’re planning to join us this weekend to celebrate!


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