James' Jam - Who Can YOU Invite To Church?

Welcome to August! They say time moves faster the older you get…I turned 29 over the summer, and it seems like I’m barreling towards 30 at a record pace!

No matter your age, there’s something for you this fall at Summerville Baptist. From Sunday school small groups and worship on Sundays to Midweek activities on Wednesday — and just about every other day in the week — there is a place for you to connect and experience community, serve, and grow in your faith.

In addition, the fall is a great time to invite someone else to church. Studies have shown that most people who don’t currently attend church would be open to going if a friend, neighbor, or coworker simply extended an invite. Who in your circle could you invite to be part of what God is doing here?

I believe with all my heart that great days are ahead for our church. Let’s lean into what God is doing, and let’s continue to follow him wherever he leads!


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