James' Jam - Leadership

If a close friend or family member was asked to describe you, what would they say? Maybe they'd start with a physical description like, "Well, he's got brown hair, brown eyes, he's about six feet tall..."

That's helpful, but we all know that a physical description doesn't really capture a person's essence; what's important to them, what makes them tick, their goals, and their values. Over the last few weeks, as we've worked through our values as a church, it's challenged me to evaluate my personal values, to look and see if the person I say I am is really the person I am becoming.

This weekend, we're going to be talking about how "leadership is best expressed in service." As we prepare to worship together on Sunday, spend some time in prayer, asking God to show you where, in your everyday life, you have an opportunity to lead by serving the people around you. Together, as we live out whom God is calling us to become, we've got an opportunity to impact our city!


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