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Randy Reflects - Progress


We are ten days away from launching the second campus of SBC, and I’m grateful for so many who are following Christ and His vision for us. This Sunday will be a pivotal moment as we commission the group of leaders who will go out to lead. Continue to pray for James Lawson and Tara as they enter into a new season of ministry. Sam Lawson will lead worship, which is a huge blessing.

More Progress

On the home front, our Facilities Committee, and John Nettles, Facilities Manager, have worked hard to address needed upgrades here at 417 Central Avenue. A privacy room for young moms has been added to the library area. This week, restroom renovations have begun on two first-floor restrooms and two on the second floor. We apologize for some clutter in hallways and restricted access, which will be temporary. The project should take 12 weeks to complete.

As we move together, let’s do so with much excitement for the future plans that the Lord has in store. We don’t want to have to follow Him fully without you! See you Sunday.



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