Randy Reflects - A Short Ride Away

Trivia question: How far from the church is the city parking garage? 1.3 miles? 1600 meters? Wrong. Only a half of a mile, and even shorter if you walk. This brings me to two bits of good news:

First, we are approaching parking lot capacity. God has tremendously blessed us, and I celebrate your presence every week.

Second, the city parking garage is an answer for this. Beginning August 15, we will provide bus shuttles back and forth all morning. So if you are physically able, here is how you can “Bless the Rest” on Sundays:

· Park in the garage and take a short bus ride

· Volunteer to help with our parking lot ministry

· If you park at SBC, park somewhere on the grass, allowing closer spaces for those

with needs

· Rideshare when possible

Every open space you create allows someone to come and hear the life-giving message of Jesus!

So continue to Build and Bring this Sunday!


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