Randy's Remarks - 125 Years

The year was 1896. Grover Cleveland neared the end of a difficult presidency with the nation mired in a deep recession. Jobs were scarce. South Carolina was still rebuilding from a devastating civil war that ended only 30 years earlier.

Hard times don’t stop the Lord or His vision-casting within His people. A small group of 12 people began meeting for worship, prayer, and study here in Summerville. By 1897 they had a piece of land, and soon after that, the first building went up. Summerville Baptist Church was birthed.

Saturday, September 11, and Sunday, September 12, will be the 125th birthday celebration of SBC. Register on sbcentral.life for dinner and mission exhibits held Saturday, and bring friends on Sunday for a celebration of the past and a look forward to the future.

See You There!


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