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Randy's Remarks - Prayer

What do you truly need in order to live? I’m not looking for Maslow’s Hierarchy Triangle here. My point is, do we realize how dependent on God we are for every day? Of course, we are dependent for life, health, comfort, etc... But I’m referring to the abundant relationship that Jesus promised. (John 10:10)

It boils down to how close we are to Him. Prayer remains the key to everything because:

  1. Jesus ranked it as His number one necessity.

  2. The Holy Spirit empowers it.

So, my encouragement is, don’t see prayer as an obligation. Instead, fall deeply in love with Jesus. Then prayer becomes the most natural part of your abundant life.

One last reminder – “God answers prayer on the ground of redemption and no other ground.” (Oswald Chambers)

So, start there as you love Him today.



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