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Rhonda Reflects - Summer is NOT Over Yet!

It may seem like things are winding down, but some important and fun events are still happening over the next two weeks at SBC.

1. Next week is Student Camp.

2. Camp "Big Enough" is next Wednesday, July 27, in the fellowship hall. This is for all rising K5 kids. We will have dinner and then talk about what it means to be in "Big Church" and go to Kids Worship. Don't forget to sign up. Bring your family.

3. 5th Grade "Send Off" is for all 5th graders and their families. Sunday, July 31, on the 3rd floor.

4. Finally, Sunday, August 7, is Promotion Sunday for all infants - high schoolers. We will also be presenting Bibles to all 1st graders.

Don't forget to sign up. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

With joy,


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