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Rhonda Reflects - Trunk-or-Treat!

Trunk or Treat!!

A huge success. I just want to say "Thank You" for your love and support and, most of all, for being "Champions of Children" inside the church walls and out in the community.

Trunk or Treat was the best. We had a wonderful time with our "walk-through," and all the "Trunks" were so good.

Thanks for being a church that always rises to the occasion to "Bless The Rest." I love hanging out with all of you.

Remember that we have lots of opportunities to "Build and Bring" over the next couple of weeks. One of those opportunities is Jingle Jam - Jingle Jam, December 4, is a fun night of Christmas music, food, bonfire, and fellowship. Start inviting people to come with you and join in the fun.

With joy,


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