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Rhonda Reflects - Core Values

What is one event where you cover all the core values at one time? I'm glad you asked. VBS is that event, and every core value was covered during VBS.

  • Prayer Changes everything. Scheduled Prayer walks before VBS.

  • Champions of Children. Four hundred thirty kids attended.

  • Leadership is best expressed in Service. One hundred ninety adults served.

  • Generosity impacts the world; $6800 was collected for missions.

  • Courage is essential for faith. Fifty-seven plus decisions were made.

  • Compassion is our second biggest motive. Because of God's love, many shared the gospel for the first time to a group of kids at VBS.

  • And we believe nothing compares to a changed life. Because you loved, prayed for, and served at VBS, there are A LOT of changed lives. Thank you for being a church that Blesses The Rest.

VBS 2022 was the best ever! So very grateful for you all.

Much Love,


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