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Rhonda's Reflects - God's Goodness

Dear Friends,

Over five years ago, God called me here to Summerville Baptist Church. I am so grateful, and I LOVE being here. I really feel like this is home. You may have noticed that I don't have many words to share verbally or in written form. Apparently (I am told), I was the opposite as a child. I talked all the time, and I was very loud! But now I don't speak a lot, and I'm only loud when it involves fun with children—i.e., VBS, RAK, or Summer Camp. I do THINK a lot, and I would say I'm very reflective.

Two weeks ago, I had the wonderful privilege of traveling to Israel for ten days. This was my third trip to Israel, but in many ways, it was like my first time experiencing God in the region where Jesus walked, taught, and performed miracles.

I don't have words to say how "undone" I am by God's goodness and faithfulness. I have a renewed sense of passion and love for where God has called me and that He is calling me to a deeper level of discipleship with Him.

As you read the final week of Christ this week, I pray that you will see Jesus in a fresh new way. I look forward to seeing you Wednesday or Thursday for the Upper Room service, Saturday at McKissick Field for EggVenture, or Easter Sunday.

As always, it is a Joy to minister with you.

Much love,


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