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Eddie's Expo - SB Life Groups

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

You have probably heard by now about our SB Life Groups at Summerville Baptist. These groups are focused on building your relationship with God and sharing that love with others, both in and outside the group. Midweek at Summerville Baptist offers something for everyone each Wednesday night.

Check out these new SB Life Groups starting up February 2:

Faith 101 – Basic Training for Believers led by Randy Harling – SEB 201

Step By Step through the Old Testament led by Scott Wade – SEB 202

Ladies Bible Study – Women of the Bible Speak led by Taffy Hawkins – SEB 203

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study – Prayer, Does It Make a Difference led by Bert Fersner – Fellowship Hall

In addition, we have other groups for all ages at Midweek – Children’s Music and Missions, Student Gathering, Divorce Care, Redeemed Student Ensemble, and Worship Choir. Other groups meet during the week as well.

Invest your time wisely this year and get involved with an SB Life Group. The impact it will have on your life, and the lives of others could have eternal benefits.


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