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Randy's Remarks - The Most Significant Day on the Calendar

As I write this, we are 32 days from Easter, the most significant day on the calendar...if you’re a Christ-follower. In the last days before the crucifixion, Jesus never lost sight of His mission to redeem the world.

We have a similar mission, which contributes in a small way to the over-arching target He had – to build His Kingdom. In order to be the church and the people that He intended, our mission is to reach people for the gospel. Let us be careful to not stumble over placing too much value on things such as:

  • Individual preferences

  • Status

  • Comfort only

  • Past methods only

Jesus was sold out for a mission, not a certain approach or method. Translation for us – We must follow Christ along His journey, not ours. Experience is valuable, but obedience to the Holy Spirit is more important. The Lord continues to do a “new thing” among His people.

So, welcome aboard, and savor the journey together! I’ll see you Sunday.


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