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One of the most amazing things in the Christian life, yet one of the least often utilized, is prayer and the power of prayer to effect change. While we usually have prayer services or prayer meetings corporately, our personal time with God is often overlooked when times become busy, or our schedules make it difficult for us to find time to be alone with God. However, this personal time with God in prayer is vital to our spiritual growth and demonstrates our faith in Him for all change.

When we say prayer changes everything, we realize that the biggest and best change that happens is when God chooses to change us. Change our heart about a specific matter, change our feelings toward someone whom we feel has wronged us, change our attitude of self-reliance to total reliance on our Savior—all ways God brings about changing us to see things the way He sees them. When we get this God perspective on things, we begin to see that it is us He is working on day by day to make us usable in His hands and for His purposes.

Sunday, January 31, at 5:00 PM in the Worship Center, we will be having a call to prayer to celebrate what you have been praying about all week. Your personal prayer life only makes our corporate prayer times better. So, come prayed up and ready to celebrate the goodness of God together.

To God be the glory! He is changing us. - Eddie

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