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“The Time Is Now” was a video by the Billy Graham Crusades to introduce the Crusade process to the local churches in each city. It was very inspiring, calling on churches to join in the preparations, meetings themselves, and follow-up. Churches were challenged to pray, be involved, and invite people. Mr. Graham always said the three most important elements of a Crusade are “prayer, prayer, and prayer.” And great Kingdom fruit came from invitations extended and service given by God’s obedient people.

The Time Is Now for us as we look to all the opportunities around Easter this year. Prayer is still the most important thing we can do. God is and will answer the prayers of His people. We also are called to be involved by serving in many places for these special events. And, of course, invite everyone to come and discover The Answer for themselves shared in word and deed.

Please do not miss the opportunities that The Upper Room, The Eggventure, Easter Sunday, and Impact Together offer. These are here for us to pray, invite and serve. The Time Is Now for someone you know to find The Answer.

God Bless you as you Build and Bring,


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