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Randy's Remarks - These Things Are True

In times of such uncertainty and anxiety, it’s good practice to remind ourselves of what is true, solid, and praiseworthy in God’s Kingdom. I sense the Holy Spirit calling His people out to simply demonstrate and live in the fullness of God. Every time we gather, it seems to be more essential for God’s design.

So later this month I’m inviting you to be a part of two special gatherings:

  • A “Call to Prayer” on February 20 at 5:00. We believe prayer changes things, so the purpose is to simply encircle our church and community in prayer. It’s the strongest way to “Bless the Rest,” and in return, it draws us closer to the Father.

  • On February 27 at 5:00, we “Celebrate the Greatness of God,” an evening filled with worship, praise, and testimonies of God’s greatness within our church Body.

It will prove to be the most uplifting Quarterly Business meeting you have been to. Come and report your faith story.

Thank you for continuing to “Build and Bring,” and I will see you this Sunday.


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