Tired of Hearing About COVID-19 Yet? - Randy's Remarks

Tired of Hearing About COVID-19 Yet?

I thought so. So am I. But since I make a living by communicating, I want to thank you, SBC folks, who are back in person. You have done an excellent job of doing all you can to prevent the spread of the virus. You rema

in considerate and caring. So, with attendance growing, let me remind you of some basics to protect all of us:

  • Exit the Worship Center through the front doors after services.

  • Don’t travel through the preschool hall unless you have a preschooler to leave with us.

  • Kindly move toward the center of pews to allow for others to find seats. (otherwise, guest services may have to ask you to slide over!)

  • If you arrive and are uncomfortable with the available seats, see a greeter who will escort you to overflow seats down the hall. The sound & picture quality is very good, and there is plenty of room.

It has been a blessing to see our folks returning for the first time, and we are still working hard to ensure a safe environment.

Nothing Compares…

…to a changed life! We celebrate baptism again this Sunday, with five adults entering the pool. It’s not too late to contact us if you need to discuss your desire to be obedient in baptism.

I will look for you this Sunday!


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