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Randy's Remarks - Tis the Season

If you are like me, you were stirred and inspired by the Sounds of Christmas last Sunday. It also caused me to reflect on the quality of my daily relationship with the Lord. Tis the season to take stock and responsibility for how well we will live in 2023. We all need a spiritual growth plan and the ability to evaluate effectiveness.

Can I Suggest:

1. Build a vital relationship with Christ?

· Daily time with His word and prayer, including silence and confession before Him.

· Weekly fellowship in worship and group life studies.

2. Bring Others to His Love:

· Model Jesus by serving others at church, work, and in the community.

· Support mission efforts at SBC.

Tis the season to love the Lord and His people, so let’s do it together.


Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted. Proverbs 11:11a

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