What is Ordination All About? - Randy's Remarks

No, it's not something you receive at the doctor's office. That's called inoculation! Ordination is the act of setting someone apart to a form of leadership; in this case, the office of Deacon.

It's designed to be a special form of servant leadership in which the church recognizes God's selection of a person. New Deacons also are a positive sign of vitality and spiritual growth within a congregation.

Next Sunday, January 17, we will celebrate the ordination of six new Deacons with a special service at 5:00. You are invited to be a part, culminating with the "laying on of hands," done as a form of prayer.

Our first-time Deacons are:

Ryan Beckman Ryan Thomas

Ben Bolt Ed Yeash

Bob Poindexter Chris White

See You Here,


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