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The Starting Strong Campaign

Start Your Week Strong as a Family

We care deeply about the faith of our preschoolers, teenagers, and every child in between. We cherish the opportunity to invest in the lives of children, students, and families on campus at Summerville Baptist. But that's not where the journey ends.

Ultimately, our goal and prayer is to see every child and student live in deep relationship with Jesus - and families play a massive role in seeing this goal become reality.

That's the *why* behind the "Starting Strong" Campaign. Each month, your family will focus around a central theme. For four weeks each month, on Sunday night, we're challenging your family to start the week gathered together around the Scripture and in prayer. And we're believing that as we do, it just might change the world!

At the back of this devotional guide, we've included a section on leading your child to faith in Jesus. We're praying that's a conversation you get to have over the next few months! Also, there's a list of some additional family devotional resources that we love!

Let's start strong together!

-Pastor Rhonda & Pastor James